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Hair Jobs Online

About Us
Hair Jobs was created in 2011 as a way of bridging the gap between job Seekers and Salon owners. Having been in the business ourselves, we saw the inherent difficulties within this very specific market. For job seekers, the difficulty lay in connecting with potential employers in a tough and competitive market. Similarly, employers spent the bulk of their time sifting through countless resumes, many of which weren’t relevant to the positions they were hiring for.
It was based on these difficulties that we saw the need for a different kind of process; one specifically tailored to suit the needs of this growing industry.
Our process is simple:

Job Seekers
Job seekers can search through a broad list of categories, finding only those employers that fall into the category and location they choose. In addition, they can save job listings for later viewing, in the event that they are interested on keeping a closer eye on a salon they want to work for in the future. br>In order to create a more personal connection to their work, job seekers can also become part of our growing social networking section, promoting networking and interaction in their respective professions. They can also post their portfolio online for potential employers to see.
To further incentivize our social network, we periodically host contests in our forums. The winner gets the title of mastery in their respective field, in addition to a cash prize.
Salon Owners
Our streamlined process doesn’t just help job seekers, however. We add value to businesses by providing them with a more efficient and flexible way of finding ideal candidates. Using our service, business owners can narrow down their search to those specific jobs they need to fill – no more sifting through potentially hundreds of ads that lead to dead ends. br>Looking at a candidates resume is simple, telling you exactly what you want to know, including required licenses. From there, you can choose to save the candidates profile for later viewing, or use our interview feature to get started right away. It’s just that easy.
Hair Jobs has also not forgotten about the institutions which make all of this possible. Without you, there would be no skills and therefore no jobs on the market. br>
We understand the inherent difficulties concerning job placement for your students, including the regulatory aspects involved.  It is for that reason that we have also created some specific toolsets that will ease this process, allowing you to more easily find the right employment situation for all of your students.
Creating profiles for your students is an easy process that produces results quickly, and makes progress easy to track. Helping your students on the path to their next great job has never been easier.
We also know how crucial it is to track the progression of hires, rejections, and retention. Its critical to your infrastructure and is often a necessity for reporting to government agencies. With our tracking tools reports are automatically generated for all of your students, allowing you to focus on your specialty, getting your students hired.

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